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Of Mice and Men

My first impressions on the book «Of Mice and Men» by John Steinbeck, are positive and I think the book is interesting. It has a a great atmosphere with great variety between the characters. So far, the book has been quite entertaining because of the great characters. George Milton and Lennie Small are the two main characters of the story and they are quite different.

George is the smaller skinnier one, whilst Lennie is a bigger and a stronger guy. Even though Lennie is the stronger one, he is far from the boss. Lennie seem to lack quite a bit og social skills. Therefore, is George the bossy one of those two. George says that he could be living a luxurious life if it was not for the fact that he needs to take care of Lennie. He does not have to, but he wants to because they care about each other.

Like. Share. Kill.

On 23 June 2018, a series of horrifying images began to circulate on facebook.

Amongst these cruel images were depictions of severe body-mutilation, housefires, and mass grave-dumpings. BBC states that the facebook users behind the photo-scheme claimed they depicted a christian-Berom minority massacre underway in the Gashish district of Plateau State, Nigeria, carried out by Fulani muslims.

That said, the incident wasn’t entirely untrue; for a massacre did in fact happen in the Gashish district. An estimate carried out by the local police and youth leaders roughly stipulated that somewhere between 86-238 people were killed around 22 and 24 June. The killings, however, was said to have no connection to the tension between the local Fulani and Berom ethnic groups.

The images posted by the facebook users, under the guise that they were related to the Fulani and Berom ethnic groups, only served to reignite tension between the groups that far predates the recent killings in the Gashish district.

In Jos, a city in the Gashish district with an estimated population of about 1 million inhabitants, the spreading of the images consequently led to multiple executions carried out by the city’s Berom minority against the Fulani. Several Fulani muslims were later found scattered throughout the city, either in pieces, or burnt beyond recognition. As was the case for Ali Alhaji Muhammad, a local potato seller, husband, and father of 15.
Adegoke, Y. (2018, November 11). Like. Share. Kill. Hentet November 11, 2018 fra BBC: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-sh/nigeria_fake_news      

The Irish Conflict

The core of the conflict can be dummied down to a disagreement between two religious’ directions, the Catholic versus the Protestants. The Irish Conflict was a conflict about if Ireland should or should not belong to the United Kingdom. The Republicans wanted the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland to reunite outside of the UK, while the Unionists wanted Northern Ireland to remain a part of the UK.

Today there are just as much, if not more, room for disagreements between the two sides. Brexit is the currently trending topic, and it is quite an impactful one. The UK has decided to exit the EU, which divides them further from all EU countries in Europe. The Republic of Ireland will stay in the EU whilst Northern Ireland will leave, with the rest of Britain. Britain obviously wants this to affect the Irish border as little as possible, although this may or may not be a big challenge to do. We will have to wait and see if the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are able to conclude with some similar rules for their border or if things will change.





I´ve been playing soccer my entire life, and I´ve always had a ball between my legs. When I was 3-4 years old my oldest brother bought me my first football-shirt and I still remember that day, and since that day, I knew I was going to play soccer as long as I can and as much as I can. When I was 5-6 years old I started playing soccer on a soccer-team in my hometown, named IL Ravn. At first it all started just for fun and to do something different with my friends, but the older I got the more serious is got.

When I was 14 years old I started playing for Aalesund under 16. When I moved to Aalesund I was first of all really proud to be representing my favorite team, but I can remember that I was a bit scared aswell, because at that time I did not know many on my new team. All my friends were playing for IL Ravn and I was seeing them everyday at school, so that was a bit difficult, specially in the beginning, but I did what I had to do to be a better footballer.

Today I´m still playing for Aalesund, but now I´m playing for Aalesund´s second team. In my debut season at Aalesund´s second team in third division when I was 16 years old, I scored 10 goals. At that time I played as a striker, but today, two years later, I´m playing as a winger. Some weeks I´m training two or three times with the first-team, and my target is to sign a contract with the first-team. I am playing football every day and often two times a day, before and after school.

The reluctant fundamentalist

The story is set in the years between 2001-2007. The story starts some months before 9/11 and continues for some years. The story takes place in USA but starts in Lahore with the main character, Changez. The inciting incident is the 9/11 because that changes a lot and when Changez heard about it, he smiled.

I think Changez are a dynamic character because I think he changes a lot. Round characters to me is Erica and I think that the American is a flat character because we don´t get to know that much about him. I think Changez changes because he seemed like a nice guy in the beginning, but when we get to know that he smiled when he heard about the 9/11. The themes in this book are freedom, different ideologies, love, racism, betrayal and the lesson of life. The book is written from Changez´ point of view, because of that we get to know about his ideas and meanings.


The Reluctant Fundamentalist

I think the book´s okay. Sometimes, I think the book can be really exciting and interesting because of some special things that happens. For example the American that sits in the corner of the café, like what´s his intension and who are you? That´s something that makes you want to read further because you want to find out who he is. It is also interesting because of the main character, we don´t that much about him neither. When he sits in the café with the group and he says that he one day  hopes to be the dictator of an Islamic republic with nuclear capability. That makes you think because you´re not sure if he means it or not.

Changez are criticizing the rest of the group for how they spend their money, and he thinks that they have a self-righteous attitude. Changez says “The ease with which they parted with money, for example, thinking nothing of the occasional-but not altogether infrequent-meal costing perhaps fifty dollars a head. Or their self-righteousness in dealing with those whom they had paid for service.”

Changez tells Erika about Pakistan, he describes it´s terrain and he proceeds to tell her that alcohol is illegal for muslims to purchase.

I think Changez says that he hopes one day to be the dictator of an Islamic republic with nuclear capability because he tries to be funny, or he actually means it. But I think he says it meant like a joke, but the rest of the group, except Erica, didn´t see it funny. His group did not say anything and just were complete silenced.